March 28, 2016

     This past Christmas, my parents, my boyfriend and I went to Mexico. I don't have much to say other then that I wish I was still there. It was so nice being able to sit and not worry about everything instead of running around crying 24/7 (#schoolsucks.) I'm currently crying as I type because I have 5 million things to hand in for school tomorrow...

March 21, 2016

     Most of the photo shoots I do involve only me and the model. I never bring in a designer, hair stylist or makeup artist. I have a hard time trusting people and I'd rather have control over everything. I decided to (sorta) step out of my comfort zone with this shoot. Haylee is an AMAZING hair and makeup artist and we decided to team up. Instead...

March 15, 2016


    I didn't always want to be a photographer. I wanted to be a teacher or an orthodontist when I was younger. My parents weren't the most creative/artistic people; therefore, they didn't see the potential professional photographer that was hidden in me. I was randomly looking through some old photos last night when I discovered that I was destined...

March 7, 2016

    Last week I got to spend a couple hours with this wonderful little family. We danced, read a few books and went on a little walk. I was quite nervous going into this session for a couple reasons. 


1. I hate not being able to pose people. It's extremely challenging for me to just sit back and take photos of whats actually happening...

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