September 18, 2020

July 20, 2019

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Kennedi & Tyler | St. Paul, Alberta Maternity Session

February 24, 2017

    I've been trying to write this blog post for far too long. I have so much to say but I'm not sure how to say it. This session was super special to me! I've known Kennedi since I was born. We share so many memories together. The memories that come to my head aren't the greatest because it was always Kennedi getting hurt. I was at her house once and we decided to try riding her horses. Long story short, Kennedi fell off and broke her arm. She also fell off a quad once. I was there for both so I'm probably Kennedi's unlucky charm (hahaha oops!)

    As soon as I found out Kennedi was pregnant ... I WAS STOKED! Kennedi and Tyler are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to meet the little guy/girl. I'd write more but I might get a little too sappy.  You guys deserve the best and I'm so lucky to know both (3 soon) of you! 





















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