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Haylee Ference | Edmonton Beauty Portraits

Most of the photo shoots I do involve only me and the model. I never bring in a designer, hair stylist or makeup artist. I have a hard time trusting people and I'd rather have control over everything. I decided to (sorta) step out of my comfort zone with this shoot. Haylee is an AMAZING hair and makeup artist and we decided to team up. Instead of going crazy with adding additional people, I asked Haylee to model for me and do her hair and makeup however she pleased (with a few directions.) She did an incredible job and I'm slowly starting to let my control into other hands. Haylee and I have decided to team up soon for a photo shoot and I can't wait. Thanks for helping me out girl, you're the best! Haylee currently works at Blue Gemini Hair Studio as a hair dresser and makeup artist. If you'd like to book with her you can contact her through the studio.

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