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Recovery: Not So Linear | Edmonton, Alberta Portrait Session

Sarah and I have been friends for a REALLY long time. We met at dance camp and have competed against each other since we were young. I haven't remained in contact with too many people from dance camps; however, Sarah was one of the few.

We had quite the trouble getting this session done. We both had to postpone a few too many times because of food poisoning, strep throat and all that fun stuff. The day finally came that we were both able to actually do the shoot and coincidently turned out the be the Bell Let's Talk Day. Sarah decided she wanted to do the session at The Tea Girl. I had surprisingly never been even though it was a 2 minute walk from my old place where I used to live. Everything about The Tea Girl was perfect for our session. I'd definitely recommend going to grab some tea there. We weren't sure exactly how we wanted to go about this session. They were for Sarah's new website/blog which is called Recovery: Not So Linear. I'm probably not going to do be able to explain it well so I'll be leaving the links at the end of the blog. Sarah deals with anxiety and an eating disorder. She's decided to make this blog to not only help herself but others who deal with similar things. Talking about mental illnesses can sometimes be hard; however, we need to break that stigma. I'm so proud of Sarah to be able to do this. There's so much more that I could say about Sarah but this would be way too long. Please go follow Sarah social medias to learn more about how amazing she is and what she's doing for the mental illness community. Keep being awesome, Sarah.

Sarah's Social Medias The Tea Girl's Social Medias


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