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The Early Works of Bree-Lynn Mistol Photography

I didn't always want to be a photographer. I wanted to be a teacher or an orthodontist when I was younger. My parents weren't the most creative/artistic people; therefore, they didn't see the potential professional photographer that was hidden in me. I was randomly looking through some old photos last night when I discovered that I was destined to be a photographer.

Most of my earlier work was self portraits mostly due to the fact that I was an only child. The peace signs were really in style at the time.

Although I was an only child, I had animals. They often became my models. Animal photography has never been my strong suit, but this photo of my dog with the sunglasses got published in the magazine Discovery Girls. It was a very proud moment in my early career.

When my animals weren't cooperating, I'd take photos of my food. Food photography is very difficult; however, my lighting, composition and everything else just came naturally to me. I wanted to be different, so I incorporated self portraits into my food photography.

When I wasn't taking photos, I was editing. These photos were edited using the incredibly advanced editing software called Picnik. It is sadly not available anymore.

Here is a very exclusive underwater self portrait. This is the first time I'm showing this piece. It is very dear to me.

On the side I did a bit of medical photography.

Last but not least is fine art. I love thinking of ideas and stories and making them into photos. Here is my all time favorite photo.

*Please note that I am being extremely sarcastic in this blog post. I was a very awkward child. I still am. Enjoy my selfies.*

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