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Paige - Mill Creek Adventure

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” -Linda Grayson

Paige and I went on a bit of an adventure a few weeks ago. We decided to go to Mill Creek on a super warm day. Our weather here in Edmonton has been absolutely beautiful and we’ve had very few cold days. I love the warm wether, however, it’s made things very slippery, especially the hills at Mill Creek. We made it through the whole shoot without falling then a meter away from my vehicle, Paige fell. Of course I laughed and said she should have taken the way that I did. A few days later during a session, I fell…twice. Karma will get you that’s for sure. I should try to get on Karma’s good side; therefore, go check Paige out. Here’s her Facebook, Instagram and website. She’s pretty damn amazing. You also might see my face on her accounts a few times. Thanks for being my best friend. I love you Paige.

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