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The Beaudoins - Edmonton Documentary Family Photography

Last week I got to spend a couple hours with this wonderful little family. We danced, read a few books and went on a little walk. I was quite nervous going into this session for a couple reasons.

1. I hate not being able to pose people. It's extremely challenging for me to just sit back and take photos of whats actually happening. With extreme documentary style photography, you have to just take photos of whats happening. If there's a sock on the couch, you can't move it. As soon as I picked up my camera I had to remind myself to just take photos of everything. I'm pretty darn proud of how these turned out and I loved the challenge. I got some of my inspiration from Kirsten Lewis. She's incredible at capturing the true essence of each family. Her Day In The Life Sessions are absolutley stunning. 2. I had never met or talked to Matthieu, Joanna and Emma. I knew of Matthieu through some of his family. I had seen photos of them and as soon as I decided I wanted to do a documentary family session, I knew I wanted it to be of them. I messaged Matt and Joanna and hoped that I didn't sound too creepy. They luckily agreed and they were some of the sweetest people I've ever met.

3. I'm used to using long lenses. During my portrait sessions my 135mm stays on my camera pretty much the whole time. I knew I'd need a pretty wide lens for this session because houses are usually pretty small. I used the 35mm for most of this session and I really enjoyed it. Although I was extremely nervous, this session exceeded my expectations. I hope to do a few more documentary style sessions. If you're interested please feel free to contact me. I'd like to say a big thank you to Matt, Joanna and Emma. You are all so lovely.

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